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The best of the Cannabis- and Coffee plant

About the coffee, a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans

 Full body    Medium Roast   A fine coffee!

The coffee beans come from Africa and South America and are slowly roasted for a pure and intense flavour. In case you didn't hear about CBD yet...

CBD is derived from hemp. This plant contains more than 60 cannabinoids and CBD is one of them, along with his big brother THC. CBD works on the receptor cells and stimulates the reaction of the nervous system. The human body has two cannabinoids receptors: CB1 and CB2. This endocannabinoid system plays, amongst others, a role in the motor- and cognitive function and the immune system.

This product is free from psychoactive cannabinoids, artificial colorings and sugar. 

For distribution options, call or e-mail us! Private label available.

Get your daily serving of coffee and CBD in one go. 

CBDkoffie classic is compatible with a glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.

Products of CBDkoffie® contain 0 % THC.

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Coming up Cannabis expo´s 

Athens Cannabis expo January 2019

Spannabis Barcelona, Spain, 2019

We were present in 2018 @ 

Canapa in Mostra, Napels, Italy.

Prague, Cannafest 2017&2018.

Copenhagen, Denmark, North Grow.

Thessaloniki @ Salonica expo.

Athens @ Balkannabis expo,

Berlin @ Mary Jane

Amsterdam @ Cannabis Liberation Day

Athens @First international Cannabis expo

Rome@ Canapa mundi

Barcelona @ Spannabis

Where to find our products?

Official distributors:  FRANCE: www.CBDEXPERIENCE.fr and shops in Clermont L´Herault.

PUERTO RICO: Meditate& Bake.

Sensitive CBD

Calle freneria 8, Barcelona

Where to buy?

High Branch, premium Growshop, Barcelona Luxembourg: Greenplace shop and Cannatheque shop 

Denmark: GrowBis; HempNordic. Poland, Warsaw https://hempyourself.store

Germany, Berlin, shops: www.potpourri-berlin.de, www.tomhemps.com

The Netherlands www.greenpearl.nl www.medicinalewietolie.com


Cannatheek, Roermond, Netherlands